i'm a jcm 800 2204 owner and i'm after a little extra disortion, not too much, i play a lot of punk rock but i'm a HUGE angus young fan and would like something that'd give me just a little extra punch over the standard gain, what's a good pedal that people use? i borrowed a friends boss ds-1 and that was way too OTT
tubescreamer (or clone or one of the zillions of pedals based on a ts) or boss sd1

if you want something more transparent, a timmy or something like that should work
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I've got an Ibanez TS-7, it's got a switch on it to give more boost, it can be a really subtle overdrive or a Stevie Ray Vaughan type overdrive.

I also have a Marshall Guv'nor that is fantastic, it needs some time spent tinkering with it to nail whatever sound you're after but it's well versatile.
SparkleDrive is an awesome pedal, can mix some clean signal back in with the overdrive too, can use it for very subtle, almost just a volume boost pedal to if you want.
my timmy is pretty much my main boosting pedal.

i like my MI audio blues pro. they are pretty cheap. i have the older model and love it. it actually has a fuzz mode too, but its not that strong. the newer generation supposedly has better fuzz but the OD tone is sacrificed a bit.
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