To help me to start memorizing all the notes on the fret board better (and my sheet music skills) I want to start writing guitar in standard notation.

My question is where would you put the lowest E (standard tuning) and highest E (assuming 24 frets) on the staff, would you use a Grand staff? I write in all octaves so I would utilize every octave.

P.S. I do understand music theory but my teacher isn't the best so we never went over what E4 was and such.
The Low E string is an E2, the High E is two octaves higher, so an E4

However, guitar is a transposing instrument, written one octave higher than what is actually sounding, so you would write the notes as E3 and E5

as a reference, Middle C (C4) is one ledger line below the staff on treble clef, so the low E would be in the space below the 3rd ledger line below the treble clef staff.