Bass is way too loud, and the drums have no power. Compression on the kick/snare will help, as will adding some room. Is this a Guitar Pro render?
Oh also, the kick is all bass. An actual kick drum has some (brief) highs, which make it clearer in the mix. The lows of the kick are drowned out by the bass, making it totally inaudible. Cutting a notch in the bass around 65Hz will help too.
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Thanks; I made some changes based on what you said and reuploaded it; I think it sounds a lot better now.
It seems like there is an overall low end buildup, have you tried hi passing everything that doesn't need low frequencies in the mix? Try up to about 50-60hz on everything but kick and bass, might help clear things up. Also try boosting 1-4k on the kick to give it some slap to help cut through. The snare sounds like it could use some compression with an attack time of about 10ms to help tame that over the top initial transient. If you still want to keep a powerful snare sound without it being too much try sending the snare to an aux with a compressor with an attack time of around 30ms and a really quick release time, then blend that in to taste. Also if possible try using a humanize function on the snare because at the moment its blatantly obvious its MIDI, although if that's the sound you're going for then don't worry about that. Don't forget to turn the bass down a bit.
Thanks, I'll try what you've suggested. I was trying to find something to change up the velocity on the snare, but I'm somewhat new to this version of Ableton, and haven't found a way to do it without individually adjusting the velocity of each snare hit manually.
Yeah, the others have pretty much summed it up. Probably a lot better than I could put into words aswell. I think the main lead is to high and it is panned right too which really sounds strange when it is so much louder than everything else.Plus I hear some nice stuff low in the mix that deserve some attention.


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