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Sup Pit.
So I am not going to lie. I am starting to have a quarter life crises because I am starting to enter a new stage of life. There are different dreams I want to follow, different directions I want to go, different people I want to meet. But I cant do everything, so this summer I need to make my decision. Pretty much I have came down to these scenarios of how I will spend my summer as follows. Poll Incoming

Option A: Go the future direction and take an internship working in my field. I am one year from graduating college so this could be a big chance for me. This would most likely come at the expense of my happiness though. The job will most likely be boring, many of the people will be much older, and my summer would just be bleh. I would make money though at least and take a further step towards a potentially good career option (although boring).

Option B: There is this girl I like and I think she might like me, but things are not happening. I could try to hang out more with her over summer, continue my same current job (which is awful money but I like working there), and try to start up another band. While option B sounds great at first, its most likely I wont get in a relationship, I will be disappointed, and I had no internship. I would also consume more alcohol then usual because I would be partying more.

Option C: Freak Out because what the hell am I doing with my life. Drive out west (USA) for a few months and just see the country. It would just be me, myself, and the road for like 2 months. I would not see any of my friends or family for awhile, but I would have a lot of time to get to know myself better. It would be somewhat of a spiritual journey I assume
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I chose C but I only read the first sentence of each option.
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In order of sensibleness:

Don't bother with B.

If you want to go all Jack Kerouac, it might help, although in likelihood it won't.

That leaves A, which is probably for the best. Save your money, use it to get education in something that interests you, and pursue that. What are you studying atm?
A if you have a chance at a good career then take it. It might be boring but the pleasures and rewards later on will be worth it. I hope.
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B seems like a bad idea. The worst of both A and C plus the likely sadness from no relationship coming from it. Sorry.

Can't provide any help beyond that, I'm kinda stuck between that stuff too.
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I say A for now, then when you start working and get all settled in, do C, except take a vacation with B girl, while simultaneously doing some partying.

Having a job shouldn't be the thing that slows you down in building a relationship.

Regardless if things do or don't work out after that, you can continue to work until you save enough money to find another career you are interested in.
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You can do both A and B unless you're leaving your city or something. I'm on a paid internship right now and I do whatever the hell I want.
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T.S, you're kidding me, right? F***, throw in B too. Dude, what the hell, get off your ass and live a little
Option A
It's the responsible adult thing to do but also find some time to enjoy life a little
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theres no reason you cant do everything mentioned in b while doing a
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Knowing me, I would go with B because I'm an idiot but as someone looking at you rather than myself, go for A. An internship helps in employment and then once you start earning some decent money, do all these things you wanna do. Thats my plan anyway.

I graduate this summer but I've lost all interest in my field. I just want a graduate job to fund what I want to do in later life.

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Bit of advice...

i jumped into a degree from average grades that was general business studies. didnt like it. i juggled uni a job and didnt see the world as my friends did.

im in the same low paid job as my former classmates 5 years later. if i had my time over, id hold back to a career choice until i knew what i wanted to do, and chose the best career option i. e. a professional degree or a trade.

If youre uncertain now, take time out to make the right decision. Whatever you do, don't choose a mediocre qualification. I know so many people with degrees working in call centres and other lame jobs.
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C soon, B after, A later.

C - you need to breathe.
B - go for it. focus up. plan more.
A - i know someone who, if they had stayed in their shitty-paying job, their family WOULD NOT have survived until now. yes it was a hard way to get a degree, but for them it was completely worth it. go for it.

always remember to breathe.

peace, and best wishes,
Yo man it's just one summer, don't start thinking that the decision you make now will decide the course of your life. Option A is obviously the smart option, when you get out of college any experience will be useful in any line of employment you choose to go down.

I'll be honest, Option B sounds like a waste of time, if it's just 'not happening' with this girl then it won't happen this summer, and let's face it, a band won't fill all of your time, surely you could jam with some bros on top of your internship anyway.

Option C sounds interesting I'm not gonna lie. If you have a real urge to do it then do it, follow your heart bro. If you're not really motivated for the trip then I'd say option A for the experience but don't work too hard. **** working for free
Stick with C. Enough time to be boring later and B doesn't seem so good either. But do take your guitar with you.
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C... But bring that girl from B with you

... For A Pair Of Brown Eyes

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No offense, but you're not going through a 'quarter-life crisis;' you're realizing that life isn't fun all the time, and sometimes you have to eat crap and there's nothing you can do about it, AKA growing up.

Don't like your job? Welcome to 95% of the world, but be glad you've got one that pays you well enough at 25 years old that you can even entertain the idea of "just driving around the US for several months to have some "me time."'

All the 'throw caution to the wind and be a free soul' stuff is great when you're the person saying it, but take it from someone who's done it - it's harder and takes much more sacrifice - personal and artistically/with relationships - than holding down a good paying job that you might not love, but keeps you set so that you can pursue what you want outside of it.

Also bear in mind, which you've made no mention of in your post, that this decision doesn't just affect you.
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