I purchased a 77' Fender Twin Reverb (although it is 100 watts and I was under the impression that 77 is when they went to 135 watts) and am having a couple of problems.

1) Whenever the amp is on and the master volume is turned up, there is a constant crackling sound. Even if no guitar cable is connected and the channel volume is at 0. I've noticed that one of the power tubes is microphonic, could this be the cause? I've tried holding the tube still, but it doesn't change anything.

2) When I have the reverb on via the footswitch and turn it to anything other than 0, it makes a high pitched screeching noise, louder as it is turned up (although I didn't dare turn it further than 2 because it was so unbearably loud). Preamp tube?

I'm really digging the sound of the amp, it is just an annoyance to have this crackling (and there are random popping sounds from time to time and buzzes) and lacking the ability to use the reverb.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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