Hi, my brother recently got a new Seymour Duncan Invader 7 for his harley benton it's fine on his crate 65 watt amp and was fine on a roland cube, plugged it in to my bugera 6262 and it squeals like mad, roll back the volume pot a bit and it stops any suggestions ? thanks
Solid state amps generate less nosie than valve amps and the more you crank the gain up, the more noise and feedback you'll get. It's quite possible there is a wiring fault within the guitar which the solid state amps masked but the valve amp doesn't. Your options are A) open the guitar up, make sure everything is connected, grounded and shielded properly and B) turn your gain down and stand further from the amp.
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Thats what high output pickups do with some gain. If you wax pot it, it will reduce the feedback, a lot.


you can't wax pot a pickup that's already potted o_O

TS, move the pickup further away from the strings and stand further away from the amp.
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I kind of thought that was the problem but wasn't to sure, thanks for the help guys.