I am using Superior Drumkit from hell with metal foundry pack... have made a beat but wanting to improve the sound so it sounds more authentic as i cannot fit a real drum kit in my room :P Was hoping for some advice on what i could tweak.

I have added a small snippet of the drums i programmed in please let me know what you think i should improve for its sound. The backing track was the song i was trying to make the beat off which is played slightly quieter in the background.

Note: some of my notes are not quite in time with the track ill fix that after. I am still quite new to dealing with drums for recording.
Play around with the timing/velocities of all the hits. Humans are never EXACTLY on the beat. Turn off snap to grid or quantize them to not be exact. Don't have the same beat playing over and over again either.
Basically make it sound/feel more human.
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