I'm mainly doing this to get used to uploading things to SoundCloud and messing with a few settings, but please feel free to rate my Metallica tone, circa "Master Of Puppets," in the meantime:


Maybe it's because I changed headphones (from better to worse), but it sounds much more bassy and like it's being played through a small speaker. I'll have to look into that... I'm also trying to get as much of the 'digital' out of it as possible.

Messed up a few times, but it's just a test. Any feedback and/or tips would be awesome. Thanks, guys and gals!


Dean ML AT3000 (Baker Act bridge pickup)
Saffire 6 audio interface
Amplitube 3 (British Tube Lead 1 + 4x12 Closed Vintage - based off of JCM800 and Marshall 4x12)

EDIT: Did the same thing, but with a tone closer to "Ride The Lightning." Sadly, it still has that muffled speaker feel to it :/
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