Yeah, those are things I love and make me make the music I make.
First off, Here's a couple songs that have recorded guitar parts that I put with drums and some synths.
https://soundcloud.com/flukemusic/insomniac - Post - rocky, Guitars and drums
https://soundcloud.com/flukemusic/a-fleeting-greeting - All midi with guitar parts, quick, high tempo thing

These are songs that fuse classical and dubstep like nothing I've heard before
https://soundcloud.com/flukemusic/sonata-1 dubstep flavor with melodies provided by orchestral instruments and wobbles
https://soundcloud.com/flukemusic/untitled-work-of-progress Here's the start of a 7 minute epic dubstep orchestra I've nearly finished

Thanks for checking out my music, I used this forum years ago to great pleasure, but have since left and I am interested to share music with you guys. It's probably a quite different to most of your stuff, and I want to hear great music that's different for me.