I picked up a supersonic 22 yesterday and so far seems decent.
However one thing I notice is that there is a slight delay when switching between channels. We're talking milliseconds. Switching from vintage to burn it's barely noticeable. Switching from burn to vintage it's just noticeable, at least to me when playing alone.

I understand the circuit is designed to mute while switching so as to avoid pops, but I was just wondering if anyone had an issue?
is that one clip or two clips?

if that is one clip all the way through, when you switch it back is way too long to kick in that would really bother me.

i don't know if there is an easy fix. if its something that you can't do yourself, getting a tech to put it on his bench is usually $50 plus around that an hour. it can add up.

where did you get it from? online through a company (MF, M123, AMS,etc)? over ebay or a forum trade? craigslist? GC"s used section?
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