In addition to my normal services I can offer drums on demand from now on.

- Send your miditracks
- Get back up to 18 audiotracks played by a professional drummer
- 24 bit / 44.1. Khz wav mono files
- Tracks will included: Direct mics of every kit piece as well as stereo overheads and mono and stereo rooms, from an open, live sounding recording room
- Our microphone collection includes Neumann U47, TLM103, TLM102, KM184, Sennheiser MD441, Audix D6 and D1, Shure SM7b, Beta91, Beta52, Sennheiser MK4, Rode N1-A and more
- The drumset will be customized to fit your project, e.g. you can choose between several snaredrums including Mapex Black Panther Wallnut (14'' x 6,5"),
Drumcraft Bell Brass (14'' x 6,5"), Sonor Delite (14'' x 5") Pearl Vinnie Paul Signature (14''x 8'')

For our rates don't hesitate to contact me via contact@mawrecordings.de

What you can hear below is a roughmix of our work, with absolutely no samples or replacements, just pure mic signal. And always remember, nothing sounds like the real deal!

>>>> SAMPLE! <<<<

Reported for advertising because I'm an asshole like that
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Even though this is advertising, its not a bad idea and the drums sounds pretty sweet.

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Relevant advertising, for once.

The drums still sound quite like MIDI, though. But, perhaps that's because the drummer is playing in a modern metal style.
Relevant or not, its still advertising. Considering OP has made 1 other post in his 2 years here (possibly being another ad since its a "What are you listening to" post), I'd say this thread is blatant spam advertising. As "cool" as this is, are any of you honestly going to use his services?
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This is a pretty cool idea, though with how good Superior Drummer is these days with the quality and variety of the drum samples (highest quality kits with the highest quality mics recorded beautifully at 24bit), not to mention the varied dynamics it's hard to really beat it, cymbals are the only area that would benefit from the above, especially when playing in a metal style as in the sample video.
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