Hi there,
My Bogner Alchemist combo has a very good tone, but the distortion channel sometimes seems to compressed and has no bright in there, any opinion?
I was thinking in a tube screamer maybe.. idk
You've described the Alchemist pretty well. It is a dark amp. A tubescreamer type boost will definitely help. I would also experiment with higher quality Tung Sol 12AX7 in V1 and invest in a JAN Phillips 5751 (12AX7 replacement) for your phase inverter slot (the preamp tube before the power section).
Thanks man! i'll look at my local store for the tubes and try to know a little more about other options.
You can get a Digitech Bad Monkey OD for $30-$50 (used vs new) and they are a decent tubescreamer clone. We typically use these as boosts only (especially for metal). What that means is you set the Gain to '0' and Level to '10'. The Bad Monkey is pretty transparent meaning it won't color your tone much. Other pedals, like the Ibanez and Maxon type ODs will give you a bit of mid frequency bump (not bad either). There are also some other ODs that are great too if you want to spend more money.

I typically do not buy tubes from stores.

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an sd1 might be better than a ts as it's very similar but has slightly more bite and fizz in the treble.

or something more transparent like a timmy or a bluesbreaker.

up to you, really. what speakers are you using with it?
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