So this is one of my first post and I've been reading this forum for years actually so I'm pretty positive someone here can help me out. about two weeks ago I picked up a Dean ML from a local pawn shop there are no markings on it anywhere stating what the exact model of the guitar is and the pick-ups in it i've never seen before. I've been searching any possible source I can to compare and see if I can pin point what the model is so far I've been unsuccesful. But for $200 from a local pawn shop I'm sure it's nothing special I can post pics later if need be. But my plan is to strip it down and paint it as my own "clone" of Dimebag's "Dime Slime" if anyone has any pointers on doing this it'd be greatly appreciated. And as for the guts it currently has "unknown" pickups (I'm thinking when I tear it apart to repaint it I'll probably find a model number on the back) 1 vol 2 tone. I'm going to put new pickups in it, so one question is what are your recommendations for pickups (I want to make this a Metal guitar so I want something that screams and pondering maybe Dimebuckers to go with the whole Dime theme but I don't know yet). And I want to have 2 vol and 2 tone which depending on the pickups I choose they may give me all the wiring to do that or It's just finding the procedure. So anyway what do you guys got for me?
Bill Lawrence XL500 bridge (I have one in my Ibanez and I love it over the DB, and half the price CUSTOM WOUND TO YOUR SPECS), PAF or comparable in the neck if you want accurate, or Dimarzio Tone or Norton series if you want more creamy glass. If I found a lefty I'd do the same thing. Set it up as close as you can to where the thing screams and where you are most comfy. I'm sure you won't really be able to tell the difference if you do it right and once you practice to where your fingers can pull off tones. Don't go too thick on the paint and clearcoat it if you can with the same brand.

If you really want 2 volume 2 tone wire it like a modern Les Paul. I don't think 50's or Vintage wiring is what you are looking for. I don't even know if you even need a tone control on this guitar to be honest. Try it out like it is for a while; chances are you'll leave it like that.
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