I've been using this site for years to find guitar pro tab files, and so far my experience has been excellent, but I sign in today and find that Ultimate guitar has obnoxiously decided that now I have to wait before downloading and guitar pro file because I don't pay for their tab pro service. I don't hate tab pro. I don't even have a problem with the fact that all the work to create the database was stolen from people who tabbed out the songs in guitar pro 5 with the intention to distribute that information for free. But I'm really friggin annoyed that because I chose to opt out of the service I am now being forced to wait for access to files that are completely unrelated to tab pro. Despite the hundreds and hundreds of times I've been to this site and contributed to the web ranking that makes it possible for you to make ad money, I am still bombarded with obnoxious ads and throttling from the site I love.

My advice is: stop with tab pro. Stop burning money trying to make that a thing. It's not going to work. It's web-based, has a bad sounds and you have to pay a subscription for it. All this crap you're doing is going to drive people to get the information they want the easiest way.

You do realise that all of this stuff is available for free and in more convenient formats in a million other places, right? I could torrent whole albums worth of tabs easily, and the only reason I haven't switched to doing that was because it felt nice to go to the place I've always used. Well, I'm throught dealing with this bullshit. You're site is going to wither and die the more money you blow on this shitty service that no one wants.
Unfortunately that is the case.

I've been using songsterr for tabs for a while now.

I still come back to UG out of nostalgia once in a while. Actually, there are some great news articles and reviews still. I just never use the tabs feature any more.
I have to agree with you.

I don't have the best internet connection so it irritates me just to download GP files now since when I get to the page to download it I have to wait for a while whilst that stupid tab pro sampler of the song I want loads.
This wouldn't be a total problem, it's not like it's UG's fault my internet sucks, the biggest problem is a lot of them aren't even correct. I was searching for a Megadeth song (can't remember the name) but the tab pro thing played Hotel California. It's happened with more than a few pages but that's the one I remember since it wasn't even close to the artist I searched.
If I have to wait extra time for something I don't want, make sure the damn thing is correct at least.
The other thing with it being web based. If I have to be connected to the internet to use it I may as well download the GP files that sound less like ass and cost 100% less since I'm connected to the internet anyway.

The guitar pro app is just as useless. I have pretty much all it's features already as free apps I found in the app store with 0 effort looking for them. Tuner, Metronome, Chord book and scale book all free and all pretty good quality. I wouldn't bother paying for UG's app they keep spamming me with since I have the exact same thing already that do the exact job I want, for free and without add's (which a lot of free apps do)

The only thing I don't have is access to tabs when I want. Why is this? I've gone on my phones internet to view UG during boredom whilst on the bus, in a waiting room etc. for a while now. What happened the last time I tried? I couldn't view the website, all I got was an advert for the Guitar Pro app that I didn't want and couldn't close. So now I can't even check the out of date news articles with the countless grammar mistakes when I want because I get an ad for the stupid thing instead.

The only reason I come here these days is to look at the news articles which are usually pointless stories on an obvious slow news day, the obvious few articles I won't read since the band doesn't interest me or something I knew about a week earlier.
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I completely agree with your concerns. I also find it a bit ridiculous that all of the Tab Pro tabs magically have a 5 star rating when they're stolen directly from a Guitar Pro tab with a low rating.