I'd like to buy a good pair of monitors under 200 euros, to hear me through an old PODxt. Monitors would be connected to a mixer.
These are my first choices:

Samson Resolv A6 - 179 euros
[forbidden link]

M-Audio BX5 D2 - 177 euros
[forbidden link]

ESI nEar05 - 169 euros
[forbidden link]

Roland CM30 Cube Monitor - 188 euros (un solo monitor)
[forbidden link]

KRK RP5 - 147 euros (un solo monitor)
[forbidden link]

I hope you people can hold me hand to choose here, since Im a little novice.

PD: Would you recommend a good pair of Headphones instead?

i paid $150 for a pair of KRK 5" monitors at my GC.

for the money they are great. plenty loud. pretty flat.

i use them for a synth, and i have tried it with an older MFX pedal i have (Korg AX1500G), i also use them to play backing tracks (through ipod), work great for all of it.

but. there are better ones out there for more $$$ but i didn't want to spend a lot on them.
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