Please help me. I want to know what would be the best and affordable (prices from $40 to $100) distortion pedal for my Stagg 40 GA R, and my guitar is a Squier By Fender Stratocaster Standard Series. I'm worrying about Boss DS-1 as others say that it would sound bad with it, some say it would be okay and I'm a little confused. I'm after to the sound of Nirvana, grunge type of sound. I know that I could get it from Boss DS-1, and the typical problem of the tinny or treble-ish sound is answerable by lowering the tone knob, but some problems occurred to others are the muddy sound or something like that. I really want to know and please help me, I know Boss DS-1 is a way too cheap but I also don't want to waste money even if it's my first distortion pedal.
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Like I said in your other thread, I don't any pedal is going to really improve your tone to the point that it is worth buying one. I would save for a new amp as best you can
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