I've been trying to tighten my playing, and have been using Spheres Of Madness as a guide song for practicing. I'm using a noise gate, and when I hit the first three notes, then palm mute and put my fingers across the strings to cut the sound, I get that sort of thumping sound. I get this unless I increase the limit on the gate. But doing that cuts some notes out when I play other parts of that song.

So basically, how do I stop all the sound from what I'm playing without relying on a noise gate?

In addition to that, I have a question that isn't really related to this. I have a recorded demo. How to I mass-produce the album independently? Are there places I can go that do that?
Try maybe not muting so hard? It's perfectly possible to do it that way, all you have to do is not mute so hard as to create extra noise. Use a noise gate anyway but that's the idea anyway.

You mean mass producing CDs of the recording? Try this ****************Z6motk
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Alright, thank you! And I have no idea what that's supposed to be =/