Hello! It's been a while since I've been here. It's good to be back. We've got a couple of songs we want to show you. Whether you listen to one or both of them doesn't matter, just tell us which one(s) so we don't get confused. C4C is guaranteed.

Mind You - 05:44 | Revised
This one is a bit long though, so I won't take it personal if you just let it play in the background or whatever. I hope you like it, and I'm looking forward to hear what you've got to say, and what kind of music you offer to me for listening! Have a good one!

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Right up my street this song! Very mellow, you don't need to worry about the length as it is so easy to listen to it doesn't matter! Although if you want it on the radio maybe you should shorten it a bit lol. The singing is great and I enjoyed the little acoustic solo in the middle as well. Good job!

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I really like acoustic music so I really enjoyed this. My one criticism is that it could be a little too long. It didn't bother me personally but some some people might complain about it.
Other than that its really good.
What acoustic guitars did you use?
There's a great sound out of it!
The guitars sound really nice. Very melodic indeed. That harmony around 2:40 is beautiful. The 'remember' part reminds me of something... Radiohead? The song as a whole is very original and dynamic, I like it (I actively listened from beginning till end).

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Wow those acoustics sound delicious. Tone is really nice though I think the lead guitar could have the treble turned down a bit. I think your singing could be a little more confident. I loved the song writing
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That acoustic tone is oh so pleasant on the ears. Both guitars sing well together.

Vocal is very smooth, felt you were holding back a little on it though. The vocal harmony @4:04 wasn't quite there, think it could be placed better in the mix just (I'm sure that's subjective complaint from myself).

I didn't find it long at all, it remained consistently interesting to listen to, didn't sound repetitious or that it wasn't going anywhere.

Great recording for sure, really enjoyed it.

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I love acoustic music (my band is acoustic also) and this was very melodic and easy to listen to. One critique I would say specifically is to turn the treble and the volume itself a tad down on the lead guitar, mainly in the intro. Good vocal harmonies though, and I liked the reverb on the vocals. I liked the solo that comes in after 3:00, there is a repeated slide or hammer on lower on the neck that is a good staple for that section of the solo. As I stated already I have an acoustic band called Valley Haze, you should check us out!

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The guitar playing/guitar melodies sound really good! Vocals/vocal melodies are pretty good. Good audio quality. Nice song overall. Please review my music at this link:


I think you've posted the wrong link. Do you mind posting the correct one? Thank you.
Hey man, thanks for the crit. I listened to vacuum. I dug it man! I think the vocal editing was kinda weird, but hearing this live it would def sound cool. The lyrics are really good, i like the acoustic guitar sound. Overall, I liked it a lot man!
Listening to the first song right now, the guitars, as everyone has pointed out are quite exceptional, what brands are they? I like the ambient style it has. I would actually really like to hear this instrumental maybe with more instrumentation! It's solid though, really cool!

Second song, as a first draft I think it's pretty darn solid! With a bit more work and fine tuning out vocals I think it'll be a pretty strong piece!

Here's my band's song, sorta like a: Fallout Boy, Yellowcard, 30 Seconds To Mars, feels.
I listened to Mind You. Very nice. The guitars and vocals are arranged and performed really well - they make a cohesive whole with a sweet, kind of sparkling, sound and vibe. The guitar lines that start around 3:00 aren't as strong as the rest of the tune's performance and that's the only thing that makes it seem a little too long.
Mind You - great piece, loved the sound. A song you would want to listen in the evening or when kinda... sad but i feel like there is too much leads in the second half of the song. Apart from that great performance and the general idea.

Vaccuum - thoughtful opening and nice guitar, makes you sway a bit I also liked the vocals here.

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Writing as I listen. Listening to Mind You.

Nice intro. The tone is really nice. At 0;11 there's a bit of an odd sqeak though, sounds a bit like you're clipping the sound or something? Not sure. it happens a bit later again. Might just be the dynamics of the guitar with those steel string. At 0:53 again. Okay back to the song vocals just kicked in. Rather smooth and slow, yet moving. The guitar tone is really beautifull. The vocals blend in well too. The little lead thing at 1:28 is a really nice touch, really digging that. The second voice at 2:40 is a nice touch! It's not really my type of music though and I'm kind of losing interest at the 3:00 mark. I enjoy the leads in the last part of the song they spice it up a bit for me.

In general the song has a really well preformed mellow vibe. The tone's are really beautifull and the voice is good too. It also feels like the combination of the two just blended effortlessly which is exactly what you want for this kind of music. The song is a bit long for my tastes, I mean 5:44 is something for progs songs with massive content, or really big building ballad's. The song would be better in my opinion if it was a bit shorter. Then again this is not my type of music so you can just disregard whatever I say since I have no idea what I'm talking about .
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Mind you is really soothing and very well done. I definitely like the acoustic parts and the reverb on the vocals added a lot to the soothing feel of the song. Really nice playing on this one I liked the ending with the repetition of remember.

Vacuum is certainly different than mind you but I really like this one as well. The guitar seemed a little boomy on this one but it might just be my speakers. Aside from that I couldn't really see anything wrong with the song. Great job on both songs.

I'll just leave this here if you want to check it out