(This is written more like a speech than a poem but I would love to have some literary advice for it.)

I will live a joyous life, no matter how you try to bring me down.
I will never quit, no matter how many times you tell me to.

Because life is about two things:

One) To love the life you have, unconditionally:
EVEN IF you and your significant other just traveled through a tragic separation, you love your life.
EVEN IF you were just abused mentally or physically, you love your life.
EVEN IF the one person you love most in this world just passed away, you love your life.
Because the greatest gift you have ever received or ever will receive is the ability to live.
So love it, right now, in its current state, no exceptions.

Two) Creating the life of your dreams:
No matter how often or how hard you fail,
you do not quit
Because the world will fight you and fight you hard
It will fight you always and pin its best forces against you
but you do not quit.
Because you have NO PURPOSE...

unless you fight back.
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i don't have much to say but i just wanted to say thanks for sharing. it was an interesting piece to read.
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.