I'm looking to buy an acoustic guitar. I've never bought one before and know little about them. I was wondering, what are the advantages/disadvantages between getting an electro-acoustic vs getting a non-electro and putting a pickup in it? Which tends to have better tone? Are electro-acoustics built differently to non-electro?

My budget is about £300, so obviously I'm not expecting top of the range, but obviously I want to get the best I can for my money.

Usually, an AE guitar comes with a cutaway. (Most mid line Asian guitars are like this).

I won't buy without electronics. simply because they sound better plugged in. You can use ambiance effects such as, chorus, reverb, and delay. Most living rooms sound like crap, and these effects will help restore some of the sound.

I say nobody does the install as well as the factory, since the controls are right at your fingertips, and the factory has assumed all the risks involved.

After that, it becomes a can of worms, with opinions running rampant. I will say the single source peizo electric rule in the mid price range. As you price goes up, then multi point, multi transducer systems kick in. Basic lower priced magnetic sound hole pickups turn the guitar into an electric type sounding affair.

Under saddle peizo pickups have a reputation for "quacking". This is because many people don't have the good sense, or good taste, to roll off the high frequency with the Equalizer. That's actually what it's for.

Your results, your preferences, and a great many people's opinions and results may, and in fact almost certainly will, vary.
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