I was planning to get a Agile Interceptor 827 since I want an 8 string with a Tremolo, although i wanted to mod the pickups for either a Coil Tap Push/Pull Pot OR switch the 3 way pickup switch to a 5 way blade since I really enjoy the 5 way Blade on my Ibanez S570DXQM.
Before I even dare to touch it, is there anything I should know about before I even think about Coil Tapping the 8 string pickups?
Should I get the Coil Tap Pot or the 5 way switch?
I honestly find the 5 way switch much more useful but I'm scared to know how much that would cost especially compared to switching a Volume or Tone Pot.
You might have to mod the pickups themselves inorder to wire them to split.

Are you trying to use the 5 way switch to coil tap?

I think you'd have a hard time cutting the slot for it if you haven't had previous wood work knowledge.
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No I wasn't trying to use the 5 way switch to coil tap, although I've hit a point that it seems overly complicated anyways, rather than switching out a Pot with a Coil Tap Push/Pull
yeah, I'd probably have to readjust and possibly carve the wood for the 5 way switch which now thinking about it sounds like a overabundance of work. >.<
Quick Question though, is it complicated to switch out a Volume or Tone pot for one that'll coil tap?
I've never done it before, but I've seen and heard about how to do it.
Switching a standard pot for a switched one is about 10 minutes work for anyone who's competent with a soldering iron. Obviously you need to know what connections you're making, but wiring diagrams are plentiful on the internet.

The main point, as kyle has alluded to, is that you can only fit four-wire pickups with a coil split. While I understand it's possible to modify a two-wire pickup into a four-wire one, I believe it is not simple and the risk of killing your pickup in the process is high.

On a final note, neither a switched pot nor a 5-way blade switch should trouble you financially.