A friend of mine wants to defret his guitar however he and I have no clue what tools he'd need to do it?
Also any tips about it?

He's doing it to an old Ibanez Gio GSR200FM if that helps at all.
I wish I could give some advice but, when my friend had a guitar that really needed new frets.
He decided to buy a replacement neck instead.
But I think finding bass necks would be very difficult.
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defret? as in makign fretless?

what i did was just heat up the frets with a sldering iron and then pull them out using pliers be carefulland try not to rip out peices of the fret board and you should be fine
He won't be happy with the price, I wasn't either, but this thing really does the job incredibly well.


He needs to heat the frets with a soldering iron & take his time backing the frets out, don't rush it because if he pulls them out too quick the wood will get small chips, if it does chip he needs to save the chips so that when he sands the neck he can fill it back in. I used Epoxy on a rosewood neck I did it to & wood filler on a maple neck, if he goes the epoxy route tell him to get some thick gloves, don't get that crap on your hands.
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Thanks for the help, I'll have to let him know about the Fret Puller.

I was able to get a pair for half the price on ebay that did the trick for my bass neck quite well. You also want to induce a very slight back bow into the neck with some clamps to prevent tear out.