Im looking to stick a compressor into my strat. I have a huge difference in output from my strat to all my other HB loaded guitars and it messes alot with my pedal board. I dont really want to get a compressor pedal due to the smallness of my board. Ill probably upgrade at some point but i still havent finalized what i want on my board.

Has anyone run into a different version of this: http://www.guitarfetish.com/OPTICAL-ANALOG-CompressorLimiter-COMPLETE-Install-kit_p_175.html

The one thing i dont like about it is that it will probably mean ill have to route out a battery compartment. Having a 9volt dangle in the spring compartment sounds really annoying, and having under pickguard means ill have to take my guitar apart to replace the battery. Thanks
A compressor will effect your playing dynamics more than the volume. It will also increase the hum of your pickups a lot. If you simply want to get the output of your Strat up to the same level as your guitars with humbuckers, a plain level boost is a better option, or you should consider swapping to higher output pickups; there are many single coils on the market with output comparable to typical humbuckers.

As for the battery, it shouldn't be a problem. It's rare for on board effects to drain a battery in any more than 250 playing hours, so as long as you don't leave your guitar plugged in all day and night, you won't have to replace the battery often. You can usually time your battery change with a string change, so taking the pickguard off isn't much of an issue. You could also look at EMG's power supply pedals that allow you to power active systems withint he guitar using a battery outside of it.
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