youtube . com / watch?v=z15d_I5UvDQ

In this video, after he switches to single coil pickups, how would you describe that tone?

I've been searching for that type of sound and, if anyone has any tips about how to emulate it (beyond getting a semi-hollow and using single coils) that would be great.

Also, what artists can I look up that use that kind of sound, blues guitarists or otherwise.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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I didn't watch the video but i can tell you immediately that you will never ever get the same tone as an artist. Never. There's way too many variables that effect tone.

However that being said there are things you can do to get close..
I'd say most importantly is the amp you're using followed by the specs of your guitar.

You're asking though how to emulate it without getting a semi-hollow using single coils. The closest you will ever get to getting that exact tone unfortunately is having his exact set-up.
It's kind of like saying how can i make my car drive like a Mercede's when i only have a Toyota.
I don't know what guitar you have but lets say you have an Ibanez you'll never get it to sound close to a semi-hollow.

I'm super anal about tone in general, and i'm a big fan of never trying to emulate someone's sound but instead creating your own.
If i sound too cynical then fair enough but this is just how i feel about tone.