Hi UG,
I was wondering what is the best pedal in my choices? I have my eyes on the Boss MT-2, the DS-1 and the DS-2 and a Boston Engineering HM-100. I'm having a hard time deciding between all these pedals. I saw a Boss DS-1 and a DS-2 for 50$ in near mint condition online and an HM-100 for 50$ brand new from a store. You can tell i have a VERY limited budget. Please help me decide on what pedal i will get. Thanks

Also, i'm looking for sounds like these:
http://www youtube.com/watch?v=mWNdmz7ESkE starts at 0:24
http://www youtube.com/watch?v=VYH47OqJJug starts at 0:04
http://www youtube.com/watch?v=b2Emnph8_L8 starts at 0:30

and i want lead guitar sounds. And yes, i am from the Philippines.
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1)Buy DS1
2)Google snip snip mod
3)Do it- it removes the bass cut and the really harsh clipping, makes it louder fuller and way more useable.
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The answer is actually none of the above.
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Although I agree with none of the above, the type of music you get from these pedals are different from each other, at least when you compare the two DS models to the MT-2. What genre are you looking for?

EDIT: Ignore that last question, I didn't notice the links. A sure-fire no for the mt-2, too heavy. If I were to pick from the other two Boss pedals, I'd take the DS-2. But in general, I'd see if you could find a used Hardwire SC-2 instead of any of the pedals you listed.
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But in general, I'd see if you could find a used Hardwire SC-2 instead of any of the pedals you listed.

lol like i said i have a very limited budget and i cant find the sc-2 in online shops in the philippines
We're living in the same country, dude. I recommend buying the Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion or the Boss DS-1 Distortion if you're into Grunge, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, etc. I've had my Boss DS-2 when my relatives went to Hong Kong, and they bought it for HK$120 or P3,950. Perfect Pitch sell Boss pedals and I would prefer buying directly on their store instead of buying online. They sell the Boss DS-2 for P4,950, and the Boss DS-1 for P3,950. Go visit their shop at SM North EDSA, or the main showroom on Makati. Goodluck, mate.