Hey all,

I am trying to record Nothing Else Matters, but my M-AUDIO fasttrack doesn't seem to record clean sound hard enough, till you get to the chords... The chords are way too hard and make my ears bleed.

So my problem is that the fasttrack doesn't record my guitar 'hard' enough when finger picking, but when I strike a chord it's suddenly waaayyy to hard and sounds like crap,

anybody know how I can solve this?

I now just hit the chords less hard, but I have to like go over them without adding force to the strings to make sure it isn't too loud... That can't possible be right.
Easy, just compress it. Your DAW should have a compressor plugin of some sort that'll do just fine. Just mess with threshold and ratio until it sounds okay.
Write a better song.
You may want to drop in in sections with a different gain stage. Would be cooler than compressing.
If you do compress, high threshold high ration fast attack - brick wall