You're writing a song and lately you've been heavily inspired by one that your favorite band wrote. Their song really speaks to you and it's sparking ideas to your work. You write out your lyrics and ideas for your song but you're having trouble with the music. You also find that you're so drawn in by this other song that it only makes sense to take its musicality too. You're stuck, afraid of stealing, but you know you really want your song to be like it. Maybe it's not worth starting fresh after investing such great ideas.

So what do you do?
We're all alright!
Have a drink and rethink the whole thing. Just wait for new inspiration to strike, it always does.

EDIT: I just think that if you were to go ahead and take an idea, you'll always feel a bit guilty about it every time you hear your own work. That is, if you consider it plagarism.
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it depends on what you steal. everyone does it, intentional or not. but i know i've read about people's inspiration for a song and when you listen to what it was, you wouldn't really know it was the inspiration of another song. i've written songs inspired by other artists styles, but i usually end up tossing them. i find they don't hold up over time and seem to be a novelty, at least to me. i do have songs which later when listening back i can hear influences come out of it, but the idea of the song just came to me rather than trying to make a song that sounds like a certain band. the exception would be if i came up with something that reminds me of an artist or band and decide to go with it. rather than copying a song, try finding common songwriting techniques the band uses and try to use them in your stuff. that way you aren't stealing, you are just being influenced.

my suggestion would be to just jam until you spark an idea of your own. if you like this band enough i'm sure the influence will shine through anyway. for example, eric clapton was my first guitar hero and i still admire him now. every time i play, you can hear the clapton influence no matter what i'm playing. other influences will come out as well of course, but the clapton thing is always there. also coming up with something your own could potentially be better than if you tried to copy a band. you may find by mixing all your influences together into something original can be better than you thought. you'll feel much better about the song knowing it's actually yours too.