Recording acoustic-electric guitar using virtual amp/cabinet - how would it sound?

Recording electric guitar using virtual amps/cabinets is well-known - but I've never heard of recording acoustic-electric guitar using virtual amp/cabinet. It of course seems to be possible - and my question is, how would it sound like? Would it sound exactly same as electric guitar does?
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Would it sound exactly same as electric guitar does?

No. Not even close. The pickup response (if it even uses a pickup, and not just a cheap mic) is just too different, not to mention all the other factors involved in tone.
I would just try it, what can you lose? If you're wondering because you want to invest in some equipment then I would get some software that does the amp cab simulation. I use a Line6 pedal and haven't experimented with playing an acoustic thru it but my experience so far is that you can get endless kinds of sounds out of it. Get an acoustic pickup if you haven't already.