I've seen many of these debates, but never any quite centered around the sound I'm looking to get. Honestly, I probably couldn't have made it harder on myself to get an accurate sound, as I chose Muse. I know lots of their stuff is just the Fuzz Factory, but I can't quite drop that much on one effect yet, being a beginner. And I also have a crappy guitar and amp.

So, anyway. For a Muse-like sound, which would you recommend? I've gotten some semi-decent sounds through my Fender 15g with a Boss DS-1, and I figured the Mustang I will only get better, and the FUSE software intrigues me. However, the Vypyr has caught my attention, probably due to clever marketing. Which would you guys recommend?

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I'd get a used Fender Mustang II or Peavey Vypyr 30. Both have a 12" speaker, which is a huge plus. IMO a 12" speaker separates viable backup/practice amps from junk throw away amps.

That said either should be able to do the job well. Just get the footswitch for either and you shouldn't have any issue.
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With cheap amps like those, the quality is pretty much equal. The Vypyr is geared more twards hard-rock/metal while the mustang is more clean/mid-gain
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