Oh I don't want to ruin it for anybody but that was hilarious.Textbook Slayer and that one moment of gold for christ sake get some vocals on that. I enjoyed that cantspellthewordIwanttouse. Cheers, you desereve it!
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I was about to diss kornflipsk8er, but then i realized hes an 03er and im an 09er.
I am inferior to him.

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I am fairly certain that kornflipsk8er is GOD!!!11!!!!1!!
Thanks man I appreciate it
If you're playing music to get attention then you're forgetting the purpose of music
sweet deal man thanks for the crit.......definetly some heavy stuff i really enjoyed haha that bit in the middle definetly caught me by suprise i might use that idea in my one of my songs( some other phrase) haha great job man id like to hear some more
Hey man thanks for the kind words on my song, here's yer crit :

Well holy crap you definitely are an up front guitarist man (I can't tout myself as being that good!), beginning shred was sweet.

The guitar parts all sounds cool to me, just the drums sounds are obviously programmed - the way I find to get around this is to use quite a bit of compression and it really liven's them up oddly.

Middle voice sample was a funny break. Song production-wise could just do with the drums having some compression and just overall brightening with some EQ. Class song though!