Hello there. First of all, I'm Billie, and I'm new to this forum.

I'm new to playing guitar, and I started learning to play on classic guitar, about one week ago,
as the final target is play Electric Guitar.

As I was afraid at first - I don't find free-online classic guitar lessons and resources.

Can anyone refer me to resources who can help me to learn to play classic guitar?

Thanks in advance.
I would say google Justin guitar. He's got some pretty good lessons to get you started.
If you want to learn to play electric I wouldn't bother with classical stuff, they are vastly different skills.

I would check this out though: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/BC-000-BeginnersCourse.php
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If you want to play electric then just play electric.
As Zaphod said they are quite different.
I do of course think it's a lot easier to transition from steel stringed acoustic to electric but if you wanna play electric just do it. You'll just be wanting to play electric every time you pick up your classical anyways.
I am 110% sure there will be a day where you want to play classical. I didn't buy an acoustic guitar until 2 years into my playing. Only then did it really occur to me that hey i kind of want to expand my playing beyond what it is now.

Basically just leave the classical for now and play electric. There will be a day where your musical tastes change and you'll pick up your classical again. Hell it could change so much altogether you may completely drop guitar and play piano or even become a professional triangle player.
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yeah, to all intents and purposes a guitar is a guitar - if your goal is to play electric "stuff" then don't bother with anything that's concerned specifically with classical guitar techniques as it's not actually going to be relevant to you.

I second Justin guitar - go through his beginner course, at the same time just start getting a feel for the guitar, learn a few chords and just start trying to do really simple things - learn to hold the chords down and work on picking cleanly and getting the notes to ring out, that in itself is likely to keep you busy for a couple of weeks before you even think about changing betweeen them
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