I picked up a this 1960s or 70s 35 watt tube pa amp from a friend for a few bucks and hope to wire a 1/4 and xlr input. I will also have to add 1/4 outs for a cab. Who knows what else I will run into along the way. When I opened it up i found a few toasty wires so alot of rewiring is in my future. I will add pictures when I get them uploaded to my computer. Any advice, direction or hints are welcome.
Wow that is a rats-nest
You may want to get some turret boards to make that neater
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Yea something definitely went out in a blaze. I was hoping to just add 1/4 input and output and see what I was going to be working with before doing any rewiring. I do not think that is going to happen though. I am looking at different wiring schematics, but my head is starting to spin with all the information. I did see a build using turret boards, and I will take that advice. Beyond that I am not sure of much. My hope was that I would be changing the wiring that was already there, but I think it may have to be gutted. Any advice that can be offered about rewiring this little guy would be greatly appreciated because I am far from an expert. Thanks.
Well I think it's gonna need more than a rewiring, like you said something went out in a blaze so certainly a good deal of parts round there are going to want to be replaced. I seriously would not attempt powering that thing up until it's been fully rebuilt, who knows what it might do in that condition but work even half properly is certainly not going to be the case and whatever it may do it won't be safe!

If it were me, i'd gut it completely. Replacing everything apart from the transformers, provided they're healthy of course, which they may not be so make sure those get tested. Last thing you want to do is spend hours rebuilding it, power up, and then cook it all in seconds.
I am definitely not going to be playing through it for awhile. I am educating myself and have a few friends that are helping out with the project. After I can determine what needs replacing I will decide if it will be gutted. I will keep the progress posted.
Any hope of salvaging the original wiring is all but lost. Some of it might be usable, but there is so much that is ruined I do not see the point. It is for the best if you assume I was going to end up changing how it was wired to better fit guitar tone in the end. The problem is I am not sure I am up to par for this project yet. I have a few builds I have found to reference, and hopefully I can pull it off. Only time will tell. I am going to put some links I have found, but please let me know of anything you think might help. Thanks.

Yeah I think that would be for the best man, it did look pretty toasted from the pics you put up. Keep us up to date on the project though, it'll be interesting to see how it turns out!