Me and a friend of mine have been trying to start a band for a while. We met a vocalist at a local show and began practicing with him. After about 3 practices my friend told me he didn't really like the guy anymore bc he seemed kind of weird (have reasons, but won't go into details) I was starting to think the same thing, but i talked my friend back into practicing with him bc of how difficult it is to find musicians around my area. So we practiced again and afterwards my friend told me that he didnt want to practice with the guy anymore. So I was like alright man, whatever you wanna do. I decided to continue practicing with the guy even though I didn't like him that good bc I really been wanting to play shows. Anyways, the last few practices all he has been talking about is drinking and he keeps wanting drink the whole time we are practicing and I'm getting kinda tired of it. Its like he puts drinking ahead of the music. So that on top of me thinking he was kinda odd has got me thinking of not practicing with him anymore. I came up with an excuse saying I couldn't practice this week. But idk what to do after now. He's a nice dude and all but I don't really feel like having to practice with him anymore. Should I just not text him back if he texts me wanting to practice or what? What do yall think? I've been worrying about it non stop, so i need some help!
Just be honest and tell him it isnt working out.
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So there's a guy in the band who you don't want in the band.

Kick him.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.