I'm sorry I'm making another what to buy thread, but I find them good because UGers always seem to give good advice (I stay out of the pit)

Okay here goes...

Budget - 500-600 I can't go past 600.

Genras of music I play - Metal mainly. Most importantly as well. I'd like to do something that could get a foo fighters esque tone too. Mainly rock/hard rock/metal.

The heaviest music I play would be Lamb of God CoB but mainly Metallica and Megadeth.

I would prefer to go new because I live in Newfoundland and all the towns are far away from each other.

I'd also like for it to be loud enough to be heard over a drum set but right now I don't do any gigs.

Currently I own an Ibanez S 470 and a Roland Cube.

Also wanted an opinion on the Line 6 spider iv 150's it doesn't look bad I know a lot of people here really hate spiders I was just wondering if the iv's are better.

Thank you.
Dont get the line 6. Why get the 150 watts over the 15 watts and then why get the 15 watts at all.

My suggestion would be used peavey 6505+ (not sure on new price over there which is why i said used) or maybe a used dsl if you like brit flavor.
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Used Peavey Ultra
Used peavey JSX

Do you need a head or a combo?
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For that price range and what your looking for the Peavey 6505+ is perfect. The only problem is that it might not get as loud as you would like because it is only a 60 watt. But if you put the amp resting on an angle or elevate it on a chair you should have no problems playing with a drummer.

I have had a 6505+ before and I can say it is one on my favorite guitar heads. Though I have never played the combo.

^ ONLY 60 WATTS, what the what. The 6505 is a very loud amp, and I would think that at 60 watts of all tube power you will have no trouble getting over your drummer.
Since you mentioned Foo and Lamb of God, have you tried looking into a used mesa boogie dc series. They are great amps. Not sure how much they would be in your area, they might run a little over budget, but something to look at.
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I was looking for just a combo.

I really like the look of the 6505 I'm checking out some sound clips now and Its pretty cool. Unfortunately for me I can't really go used because I don't live in a big enough town for that.

Anyone have any experience ordering from sweetwater before? I never used that sight and I honestly don't know where on the island of Newfoundland I'd have to go to check on out haha.

I appreciate the help guys.
Sweetwater is a great site to order from
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The 6505 is basically the signature "go to" hard rock/metal amp these days due to being so affordable and sounding so great, don't forget to check for used Peavey 5150's too (same amp, they renamed it due to legal obligations in 2005).

With that said though, they are so popular you really are just getting the same amp as everyone else, it's crazy how many people are using the 6505 these days and pretty much everyone will recommend them. A few years back the 5150 was popular but these days it's crazy, the 6505 is everywhere.

But that's just the thing, at Metal it really is every bit as good as its popularity would suggest, definitely worth a shot. The Valveking is a great alternative if you're looking to go cheaper.
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So by metal are you saying mostly older thrash type stuff?

I suggest looking into a marshall DSL combo, maybe a 6505+ combo.

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A 6505 is not really geared toward what TS wants, at all IMO.

a Marshall DSL40C is worth looking at.

A Peavey Ultra 112 might be good, they're hard to find. A XXX 112 would be good.
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Seeing as you'd prefer new, I'd check the 6505 112 combo. Best new option for the heavier parts of your genres.

If used does happen to work for you: +1 for blacksar's ht stage 60 and peavey jsx.
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A 6505 is not really geared toward what TS wants, at all IMO.

a Marshall DSL40C is worth looking at.

A Peavey Ultra 112 might be good, they're hard to find. A XXX 112 would be good.


The 6505+ is awesome, but it really isn the answer to every metal tone ever used. The Marshall is a great idea.
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If you want to buy a new amp through Sweetwater, I think a 6505+ combo is your best option.

Does Guitar Center ship to Newfoundland at a fairly decent price? Might check out their used site. Like some mentioned earlier, I think a Mesa combo would be ideal. If you're patient you can find a used DC-5 or F30 for around $600.
if he is looking for foo fighters, and considers his metal to be meallica and megadeth, i wouldn't consider a 6505+

i would look for a ultra+ JSX XXX

a DSL could be a great fix, as somebody noted (not the new ones though i would recommending buying used for a dsl).

Peavy Valvekings aren't bad amps, with a boost dummy jack and an EQ they can sound pretty good. i think the reason for the negative hype surrounding by people (who didn't really know better) expecting 6505+ tone on the cheap. which it isn't. it wouldn't have a problem at all with 80's thrash (but it is more of an american voice).
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Wow its hard to buy instruments in Newfoundland.

What do you guys think of traynors?
If you can find a Traynor YCV40WR within your budget, I would certainly go that route... they're outstanding little amps, can get hot too, nice and distorted if you want them to be. Put a good distortion pedal in front and you're going to hit hard rock no problems.

Metal might not quite be within it's prime tonal range, but I'm sure it will still come close enough with the proper pedal/eq settings.