Recently I decided to rewire my 1996 Fender MIM Stratocaster. I got new Fender pots and a switch. I found a set of MIA pickups from a friend. I was looking around for a pickguard and couldn't decide what color I wanted to go with when I found a wooden guard. I figured since I couldn't find one to match that I would make it myself. Many conversations and hours later with much assistance I have the final product that follows. I matched the pickguard as closely as I could to the maple neck. I took the gloss finish on the neck down to a matte. At the moment, I have the pickups wired as they were standard on the guitar except I added tone to the bridge pickup. I still haven't decided if that is the final wiring, but it is staying that way for the moment. This is my first real overhaul, but hopefully not my last.
Make sure you ground that copper tape.

Looks fantastic.
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