Ok so I really like their sound and I've been trying to figure out how to get it but it's tricky to do. I have a mesa boogie dual rec roadster combo and a schecter omen 6 extreme. Plus a bad monkey overdrive pedal. Could anyone tell me what settings to use in order to get that sort of tone?
Well honestly their tone is your pretty standard "metalcore sound" I would even question if they used real amps on their albums.

You'll just need high gain and I'd imagine they probably back of their mids a little. I honestly have no idea how high gain the roadster is so I can't comment on how it'll be set up.

Also please remember. That STUDIO sounds are exactly that... in the STUDIO. It's pretty much impossible to recreate their guitar tone without all the micing and post processing that is on the record.
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Yea that's very true. Seems like a lot of metalcore bands don't use real amps in the studio nowadays. But thanks for the feedback!