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Hey again guys,

Back on track with the metal songs I think and so here is my latest track that I recorded with my friend providing vocals.

Any general comment is cool but constructive criticism in terms of production is always useful as always. Leave me a link to your work and I'll check it out in return!
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Very nice song. I think that your description of having a Whitechapel/JFAC sound is pretty spot on lol. I've always thought they were the best bands in the genre so that's definitely good

Even if the vocals aren't that well mixed in, they still sound heavy as hell! Those breakdowns are pretty sweet too! That solo kinda reminded me of the band Abiotic. It had a very similar tone!

Keep it up

If you would be so kind as to check out my link, I'd appreciate it!
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Very cool song and really good production. The guitar work was tight and the vocals were even good. Deathcore is one of my guilty pleasure genre's and I really enjoyed this. If you don't mind go ahead and check out my latest disaster :P
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I really liked the drums and duel guitar work you've got going. The creepy little solos are cool as hell too. Vocals are done exactly how they need to be done for music like this. What kind of effects did you use for the vocals? It's really just much much better than what i expected it it be so it's almost tough for me to "critique".

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