a few weeks ago, I finally decided to sell my Gibson Les Paul, because I didn't play it more than 5 hours a month. Following all the news on gear, GAS just comes naturally with that and I decided to get some new stuff.

I had been wanting an amplifier for home use and maybe as a back-up at gigs, because I could never bother to plug-in my amp, when I could just plug into my interface and quickly play through a VST.

Went to a shop and came home with an Orange TH30.

I tested this up against the entire Orange line and I found this came out best considering it would function for home use and backup. It has the power scaling stuff, doesn't weigh as much as a Rockerverb or Thunderverb and to me, doesn't sound noticeably worse in the room.

2 channels, 6 knobs, 4 switches (including the 4/2 power tubes on the back) and it does a lot of sounds.
The clean channel surprised me. The cleans have some grit in them, but with the volume rolled back, it cleans up. They aren't as good as those of my Lone Star in my opinion, but there really is little comparison. They're really different sounds. Turned up loud, the clean channel overdrives really well, however, on the full 30 watts mode, it gets over a drummer cleanly with ease, which is something I wanted for sure. On 15w or 7w, it can drive nicely over a drummer, but then you don't have cleans anymore, of course. Too bad there isn't a mid knob, but for cleans, bass and treble seem to be enough for me.

The dirty channel is the main reason I wanted this thing. It does a solid rock sound with absolute ease and this amp has a ton of gain. It does metal without a boost, although I like it a lot better with my OD-808 as a boost. It doesn't get über-tight, of course, but for core-sounds or a big sound, it's great, in my opinion.

The shape knob is something you really need to get used to, but it functions very well. At noon, it's basically flat, to the left is more midrange and less treble and bass, to the right is less midrange and more bass and treble. I might have like a separate mid knob more, but that's because I'm used to TMB-controls.

Has an FX loop and the channels are foot-switchable, which were a must for me.
Although it's MIC, it feels really well built and I don't feel like I have to be afraid it'll break.
I would've liked a master volume, but it isn't that big of a thing. I was quite bummed that I had to buy the foot-switch separately, though.

So, that's the amplifier and because I had money left anyway, I thought why not to go for a stereo setup. Nothing came to mind except that it would be more of a hassle to carry around, but what gives.

So I got some pedals:

Simple, home-built ABY.
I didn't build this myself, because I'm not technical at all, but this functions great. Paid less than what I would've paid for a new Morley or similar.
It does the A/B thing and the A+B, but you can also switch the A/B while the A+B is active. Very nice to play overdriven on B, boost it with A and then return on A for cleans.
No noise, works without a power-supply (LED's don't work then, though) and the LED's are really bright. The A+B one blinds.

Next, I tested this one when I bought the amp, but waited to get it:

I wanted a new/second delay for a while and decided on this one. I chose this because it sounds great, in my opinion, has loads of options and it has 3 preset slots. I liked the idea of the toneprint as well.

I run this mono at home and stereo at rehearsals or gigs.
It's a great pedal. It sounds great on cleans, slight overdrive and even high gain. I use it mainly on cleans or slight overdrive, but it shines. It completely kills my Deluxe Memory Boy for most stuff.

I run it as follows:
Preset 1 is the space mode, for atmosphere in songs with my band. Does a good job, chords ring out really nicely.
Preset 2 is the Lo-Fi mode, which I like a lot. It's a pretty basic delay, but the delay is slightly driven.
Preset 3 is a general toneprint preset. It's on the Jona Weinhofen (BMTH) one most of the time, because it's also atmospheric, but without modulation. I can cycle through the toneprints however. I don't really use others than the BMTH one, but I have a basic lead-sound delay in there, a reverse one and some sort of slapback delay, IIRC.

I run my Deluxe Memory Boy with a lot of modulation now, because it has parameters for it, whereas the X4 doesn't.

The looper in it is pretty decent as well, but I don't really use it. It's user-friendly and replicates the sound very well, but I have no use for it.

Then thirdly, I got this:

It's a Yerasov 9000v, a Russian made pedal, but IIRC the brand doesn't exist anymore. You can't buy the pedal new anymore either, I think, unless maybe some store has old stock.

It's a DS/OD pedal, but I don't really notice that much difference between the two modes. The OD is much more clear, but you can dial in the pedal that both sound about the same.
Accordingly, I don't even use the DS side. I have no idea what the knobs should do and some of them don't make a lot of difference anyway.

It is a really nice pedal though. The sound I'd say it does is a bit of a Foo Fighters sound, certainly through the Mesa LS. Through the Orange, it's a little too gritty in my opinion.

So that's that. I really like my setup now, although there is still a lot of stuff I want.