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I've been playing piano for 5 years, and I recently bought an acoustic guitar to be my 2nd instrument. I like jamming the songs I know and the cool strumming patterns, solo's, etc. I kinda regret not buying a bass, however, because I already know quite a few bass lines such as Metallica, Pink Floyd, even some jazz and I personally like bass better. Anyway, I decided to buy a cheap bass to fulfill my needs, but I don't have money for a decent amp.
Sooo, my question is: Can I use the Home Theater (5.1 sort of thing - I believe it's not 100% 5.1 xD) I have at home as my bass amp? I don't mind if the sound will be bad, because I'll only use it for practice, but I wanna know if it will work at all. I connected my digital piano to the system once and the sound was satisfactory, the amplified bass really stood out. I'm afraid, however, that the bass will work different from the piano, because the piano has its own speakers and maybe is configured differently from the way the bass is, so I don't know. Both have line-out though...

If the home theater won't work, will my PC speakers do? I don't wanna record, I wanna practise on it.
I'm guessing if you've done this before then I'm going to assume it has a line in. It's going to be a fair bit hit and miss if you don't have a preamp to bring your signal up to line level though. If you want one of those on the cheap check out the Behringer BDI21, it's cheap and very comparable to the Sansamp BDDI it's like $50 or something like that. With a decent sounding preamp (like that) then as long as your system has a decent crossover to keep it from damaging any speakers then it should actually sound quite good.

I don't recommend the PC Speakers, and you'll end up with a risk of damaging your motherboard if you try using one of the jack adapters into the PC line in, and if you try to get a cheapo interface the latency will be crap.
The volume is going to be low enough not to damage the speakers, because I will mainly train my dexterity and speed, so I don't need a high volume. I will see if it will work with my system and if it won't, then I'll save for a Voxamp I think it's called (headphone amp) which is guaranteed to work. I'm not in a band so I don't need an amp for gigs. Thanks for your reply!
I'd imagine the sound will be far more successful with a headphone amp, albeit a cheap one.
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I use my home stereo all the time. My 100 watt Pioneer amp has a couple spare line in jacks, I use my spare Behringer V-amp pro preamp as the input for it, I have 15" 3way speakers...works perfectly.