Just got a Hughes and Kettner 18 W head.

however i think there is a problem. This is my first guitar head so my knowledge on the subject is limited.

first, the head has two switches. power (off) and on (on) ---- Standby (Standby) and Play (Play).
now i know you are meant to wait a few minutes for the tubes to warm up a bit before taking if off standby so the tubes dont blow. but the first time i turned it on and whilst it was still on standby my guitar could still be heard. its my understanding that whilst a amp head is on standby there should be very little or no sound at all. i contacted hughes and kettner themselves and they said " The FETs in the cathode signal path are defect". i have no idea what that means. furthermore whilst playing with the head through my cab the general sound of the amp is very tinny and it struggles to really roar with the gain turned up.

is this just me or does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong

you shouldn't be hearing sound if you had the standby switch set to "standby". h&k said it was faulty... you bought it new? If so, I'd be contacting the retailer and then sending it back...
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