I am thinking about getting a compressor for my bass rig.I play mostly classic hard rock, a little modern hard rock and have recently started delving into some more progressive stuff.I am looking to just even out the volume of the notes.My basses are active and other than the occasional overdrive I don't really use any other effects. My budget is around $150.My biggest question is should I get a pedal or a rack mount .I have been looking at the Alesis 3630(rack mount)When it comes to pedals i don't have a clue.Any suggestions.
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I quite like pedal sized ones for gigging. Something small to slim in the gig bag. First i would suggest really practicing trying to even out your sound through your technique but this can be difficult especially live.

Ive tried the EBS compressor- really nice and simply, set and play. But there-in lies the problem not much room to really get in there and adjust it to really perform well. But its a great compressor and does what it has too well.

The other is the newer MXR compressor pedal. Lots to play with and i did spend a lot of time googling on how to get the most from a compressor. Its great though and i much prefer it. Does very light compression to big squashy and punchy and everything in between.

Aguilar, markbass and carl martins compressors are also really well rated. Along with many others im sure.

Take some time to learn how to properly use a compressor if you do end up getting one.
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Scrutinize your technique before you buy a compressor. You might be able to get the sound you want by adjusting your playing or existing setup.

Rack mounted will be better and more convenient if you want to set and forget but you'll have to pay more.

You want a multiband compressor, normal ones sound squishy and horrible on a bass guitar. By far your best option is the EBS Multicomp.
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You want a multiband compressor, normal ones sound squishy and horrible on a bass guitar. By far your best option is the EBS Multicomp.

why? would you explain why you think that? It made me curious...
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Quote by Spaz91
You want a multiband compressor, normal ones sound squishy and horrible on a bass guitar. By far your best option is the EBS Multicomp.

Not true - a good single band compressor will only affect the tone of your bass if you set it up to. A good singleband will be almost invisible, unless it's one designed to add warmth or grunt to your sound.

OP: Check out www.ovnilab.com, hundreds of compressor reviews, how to use them and all specifically aimed at bass players!
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If you don't know how to use a compressor I'd recommend a nice simple two-knob pedal, or doing a lot of reading. Nothing worse than listening to a sound compressed by someone who didn't know what any of the knobs do. I know how to use a compressor but I still stick to a simple two-knob compressor I've found that works for me in my pedalboard because it's less hassle live. I use an Okko coca comp (German made boutique pedal as far as I remember) which does a stellar job.
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I used to recommend the EBS MultiComp, but the Keeley now strikes me as better.
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I second the MXR bass compressor. It's very flexible and it doesn't add any/much noise at all.
I got a Keeley 4 knob compressor as well, but I've only used that in my guitar rig. I don't feel like fixing something that isn't broken, so I never tried it on my bass rig.
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Compressors are often described as being either open, hermetic, or semi-hermetic, to describe how the compressor and motor drive is situated in relation to the gas or vapour being compressed. The industry name for a hermetic is hermetically sealed compressor, while a semi-hermetic is commonly called a semi-hermetic compressor.