Hello, a few months ago, i bought an electric guitar for 20 dollars from my friend because i never had even played one yet after a long 2 year career of acoustic. about a week ago, a string broke and i ordered new strings for it. the strings got here and i tried to execute a string change (which i have done thousands of times on my acoustic) and i was able to get 3 of the strings out. the other 3 had the little ball at the end stuck in the bridge. so i went searching the web for tips on how to get these out. i heard that using chopstics was a good idea. but it wasnt. it broke in one of the bridge holes. i got all of the other strings out but now my B string is stuck with a piece of wood in it and i dont know how to get the wood out of there. any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

What type of bridge is it? Pictures?
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pics please
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Needle nose tweezers perhaps? A needle? Something small and pointy that isn't going to break off, all I can recommend.
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