I'm selling my Agile 25.5 scale 7 string with blackout pickups. The previous owner installed strap locks, looks rough but works like a charm. Also due to that, frets 21-24 have superficial dings on the g string. Plays fine and can still do bends.

International OK? : Sure, if you pay shipping
Pictures: At bottom. Pm'ed if seriously interested for more.


No longer need the peavey. Still for sale but also interested in trading for other 7 or 8

Non Damian or bolt on 7 or 8 Schecters (Looking for a C-7 custom or C-7 ATX Blackjack in VW)
Non 7421/7321 Ibanezs 7 (Iron label)
Non Bolt on Agile Septor,Interceptors