Nice riff work, I enjoyed the production in this. It's hard to tell with my crappy laptop speakers, but is there a bass guitar? If there is I'll have to get my headphones and listen again, but I think if you guys had a singer this would be some pretty badass music. You have good structures as it is, and I like the break at 3:42 coming out of the intro drum pattern. With a singer that fits your style you would appeal to a MUCH larger audience. I have an acoustic band called Valley Haze, here's the link to my thread

Thank you very much for taking a listen! There is no bass guitar in it but i am going to try and add one here shortly. Thanks for the production props as well since that has been something ive been focusing on a lot lately. Thanks again.
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Right, good riffs and well played. the tempo is spot on for the feel and overall vibe.
Drums are simple and I like more so for that fact. Solo break was a nice change and added an interesting dynamic to the track lifting it up. the lead licks were tasteful and worked very well.
Put a chunky bass line to this and some vox and it'll be killer.
Good stuff man!

Cheers for checking my track out as well.

If anyone wants C4C then click on that link above and I'll crit you back asap. =)
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it's good

LOL thanks man.
Rockybo on Gwar: "What costumes? They're from fucking outer-space, you retard."
commented on the video itself, but again, good stuff musically. id say its a touch too quiet and with exception of maybe the beginning as it adds some atmosphere, the guitars have a little too much reverb.
Thx for C4Cing me.

I liked most of the riffs, and the little solos here and there as well. The drums did seems to fit the vibe for the most part, but I still think a little more variety and overall speed might help in certain spots, especially the "verse" riff. I know first hand that you'd be hard pressed to find a drummer that would want to play those beats verbatim without them wanting to strangle you

Thx again for C4Cing me, and if you have anymore songs to share or you just want to check out some more of mine, I just added 2 more songs to my soundcloud page in a new thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1598831

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Pretty sweet song dude. The pace of the song really lends to the epicness right off the bat with the lone kick drum. When the guitar is first introduced, it sounds kind of quiet, I would use dynamics a little more here to build a crescendo, and perhaps introduce some kind of ambient noise in the background the grows louder until the actual riffage comes in. Someone mentioned before that there could be more drum fills and I agree, but those are frills. The actual riffage itself is good, like I said, very epic feel to the song. As it stands now, it needs more to be an instrumental, but I think you are leaving room for vocals so yeah.

Guitar solo is really good, reminds me of Dimebag Darrell a little bit, not his really shreddy solos but his "feel" solos, and the tone in particular is Dimebag. I sense a pretty big blues influence in the solo too, which works based on the emotions you are conveying. One of the reverse bends at the end was a little off pitch but w/e. I feel like it could have ended on a bit more of a solid note.

Overall, enjoyable, but as someone said, you really should add vocals or just lay down a sweet guitar solo over the riffs. I know you just crit'd one of my tracks, but if you wouldn't mind another.. ?

Thats an infectious riff you have there at the intro. However at around 1:30 when the guitar part changes theres like a little clip and the sound could be a bit fuller. I kinda wish the drum track was a bit more upbeat during the middde but that adds to the epic buildup in the begining into your riff. Loving the viking feel and the solo is sweet!

Give my track a listen, thanks
Thanks for the crit! Here's yours:

Aha nice intro - it has balls! Only think I could suggest is to match the reverb on the guitar and apply it to the drums (even if it was only for the intro) just so they all have that epic verb you're going for. Drums are sounding good besides that though - nice and simple to let the riffs shine. What did you use out of curiosity?

This is a song where I can already imagine the vocal parts in my head, it could really benefit from some Amon Amarth style death vocals!