1. So yeah, since this is the right place to promote bands, I guess I am going to promote some of the worthy band from my country, Malaysia. I shall try and update this thread as often as I possibly can in the hopes that these potential bands might catch some deals or something. Well, who knows, right. Feel free to ask me about them..

2. First off, I would like to introduce you to PUNAH RANAH. Punah Ranah is a political grindcore + brutal death metal band from the muddy banks of Kuala Lumpur. Punah Ranah (a malay word for Collateral Damage) consists of Epul (growls and shrieks), Azan (Guitars and shrieks), Ashie (drums) and Bess (Bass). I believe the band will be recording and releasing a proper record pretty much soon I guess.

Read the interview that I had with them.

PUNAH RANAH interview