I used to own a TC E. Flashback delay and I used the loop function quite a bit. However, as far as I know you can't use any delay at the same time as the looper but that is what I would like to do.

So is there any pedal that you can record a loop as well as use a delayed sound on your guitar? Or do I need to double up with two pedals?

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Flashback X4.
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actually, i have not played around enough, but i believe with the right placement and 2 pedals you should pull it off. i just got a ditto looper and run my delay in front of it.

from what i can tell, the ditto is fairly good at letting the non looped signal through, but i have not played around enough. i will report back with a couple of things, like a clean loop with a delay or wah, trem lead over top.
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The DL-4 does it but the looper is very short. Just ordered the Ditto to run after everything...5 min loop time!
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