hey all i'm after some opinions on the ma ra 2x12 cabinet. how does it compare with the recto 2x12 and how would you describe it's sound characteristics?
I've played one -- I thought it was simply the same as a Recto 212 cab, but I may be wrong. I thought it sounded great!

However, I have a hard time differentiating between whether what I'm hearing (and enjoying) is from the cab or the amp itself -- if that makes any sense (it was a Royal Atlantic, in this case). To put it another way -- a lot of people say they like the sound of Celestion Vintage 30s. Well, my problem is that they sound different depending on what amp is driving them -- so I can't say for sure I'll like them or you'll like them. Your best bet is to just go out and try what you're considering buying. You really can't go wrong with Mesa though...
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i think my mesa cab is OS, but i don't like it as much as the standard sized mesa cabs. but again i guess i am using a MKIV so you don't really want extra air and boomy-ness, but i have never played a RA so i probably am not able to contribute much, but OS is NOT always better.
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