Ok were a 4 piece band. And the drummer has just started learning drums. No other drummers in the area. What should the teaching technique be like? Metronomes? Basic beats? If anyone can give tips on how to train him i would aprecciate it. I want to teach him blues drumming and so on...
Youtube is probably your best bet, plenty of beginner drum lessons for what your after. Something like Freedrumlessons or Drummer Connection, theres plenty about.
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The main thing is that he has natural rhythm. He will definitely have to practice technique and just play in general but a good drummer usually kind of just has it. Even simple stuff is hard to keep time with a full band playing around you.

For blues and stuff it would probably be good to start by playing along to a lengthy song that is fairly repetitive and get to where he can play the whole thing without making mistakes.
German grip
French grip

Tell him to look those up, and become comfortable using both grips and then make sure he gets a solid freestroke.
Once he has those down, everything else technique wise will come fairly naturally I think.

I'd personally recommend Jojo Mayer - Secret weapons for the modern drummer.
That dvd is extremely good at showing pretty much all the hand techniques you'll ever need.

I don't have any particular foot technique recommendations though, as there are a many different schools for that, and I haven't really found one that is perfect for me yet either.
One important thing for feet though is that he practices both heel up and down for both feet.

That is all I can think of for now technique wise.
Groove and rhythm wise I agree with mikey above.
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Just take it easy. Like previous comments youtube is your best bet, plus there are lots if songs he can practise to. Like any instrument he has to have a natural ability and he must love it. Been in bands where people learn to play just to say they are in a band. Good luck
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Quote by The9
Been in bands where people learn to play just to say they are in a band.

I've also been down this road before...

Do NOT emulate Animal from The Muppets.

Do NOT overconsume energy drinks.

Do NOT think that because you can play a cover song once that you can quit practicing it and ad lib it everytime your band plays.

Do NOT practice without a metronome, click track, or backing track. You are delusional if you think your timing is that good.

And again, being amped up and psycho all the time will impede your drumming ability, and make you a nuisance to your band's development.
No matter what you tell him to do, he will not learn it right away. Learning a skill takes time, so be patient if he doesn't succeed right away. Make sure he learns to keep time first, learning fills, flams and other crap can be done after.
When I first started I took to drums pretty quickly. I like to think I had a natural ability, as The9 said. But just putting on a pair of headphones and playing along to some of your favourite songs is the best place to start I'd say. Once you can keep time and play through whole songs, then you want to start to look into your fills and accents, secondary stuff. If you can't keep time for a whole song, theres no point in learning how to roll around your toms and frustrating yourself and your band when you throw everything off.
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