I'm in the process of buying myself an ESP LTD MH-1000NT, awesome guitar, Seymour Duncan JB(Bridge) and 59 (Neck).

Now this leaves me with about £250 to spend from my budget, what can anyone suggest as a good multi-effects pedal?

I'll be playing mostly metalcore.
Line 6 Pod HD of whatever version you can afford... excellent for metal/grind.
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got an amp thanks, Line 6 pod shall be looked into though

Not the point. What amp have you got? If you've got an MG or Spider or something, you'd be better off getting a slightly cheaper guitar and a beast of an amp.
why do people ignore the question?

Know any sick Multi Effects processors for under £250?
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why do people ignore the question?

Know any sick Multi Effects processors for under £250?

TC electronics G-Major?

People ignore the question because they think if you're uninformed enough to ask a question like "Know any sick multi-effects processors for under £250" they would also think you're uninformed enough to not know that the most important part of all here is what amp you're using.

Infact it's important to know what amp you're using it with to know whether or not the effects processor will work well with it, some amps don't have effects loops, some amps have bad effects loops, some amps have many effects loops.

It also is important to find out if you want the pedal to create the sounds or just provide the effects, some units are great at providing everthing but can be a tone suck or a pain in the ass when you want to use it for just effects (Pod XT Live), where as some are strictly intended for using effects only, with the amp providing the main sound.

You're asking a vague question, providing little detail making it impossible to really advise you well. If you want to just get advice on a "sick" pedal then sure someone can throw a name at you and you can go buy it, then you might find in a few months you're asking again because you dont have the sound you want.
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Quote by stegibbon
why do people ignore the question?

Know any sick Multi Effects processors for under £250?

Personally I've never witnessed a multi effects pedal that could be desrcibed as "sick", and you definately won't find one for less than 250. Personally I wouldn't get a multiFX (for your budget atleast), since they usually have a lot of different options that all sound meh. In my mind, multieffects in your budget are generally just for amusement (might be wrong though)

The reason why people are asking which amp you're using is that getting a £250 pedal and a £1000 guitar wont sound much better than a £150 squier if you're playing through a 15w spider. But you can get a £500 guitar, and a nice £500 tube amp AND still have £250 for pedals, and it's going to sound awesome.

People are ignoring the question because they want to know how to help you, but you're also ignoring them by not answering.
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why do people ignore the question?

Boss Metal Zone + Marshall MG100

Sickest combination for metal. The overdrive is CRUSHING!
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why do people ignore the question?

Know any sick Multi Effects processors for under £250?
Because they like giving advice even when it isn't asked for. Just tell them for the sake of argument that you are running into a PA.

My suggestions....


Pod XT or X3 Live


Zoom G5
Ah... wait, are you looking for amp modelling as well as effects, or just effects?

If it's just effects, and you have an FX Loop, the G Major 2 is an OUTSTANDING product. But, it's a rack unit.

You can check out the Nova from TC as well, the foot pedal version of the above. I believe used you could do it at under 250.

Also, if amp modelling isn't a concern, look at the Boss ME70, great little floorboard.

Last but certainly not least... the Eleven Rack. Used you could do it for around that amount, it doesn't provide a ton of effects, but what it does offer is quality and a great PC recording interface.
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why do people ignore the question?

Know any sick Multi Effects processors for under £250?

We initially ignore the question because with information like amp, we can recommend a pedal accordingly, or suggest a new amp, if yours may not be ideal.

For instance, now I don't know what you have and I don't know the conversion of your currency, don't really care now since you're being rude, so my advice is get a used M13, use the four cable method. Done.
I'll take up the same question, same budget, same genre, with a 30 watt orange combo amp and a PRS guitar I'm trading up for a Les Paul or a Jackson. The more tonal options the better. Something I can write and inspire with in the studio while I design my tone/rig, something that's easy to jam with my drummer on, something where I can use my feet more than my hands. Mostly metal but also reggae and punk.
I'm asking what amp you have because I'm wondering if you have an FX Loop or not. I think you don't want to tell me because you're trying to polish a turd though.
in real life, if you ask a question to a person who is more knowledgeable than you, you listen, not tell them what to do.

collectively i would say that we are more knowledgable than you, and you should answer our questions, SO THAT WE CAN HELP YOU.

the amp is the most crucial piece of information. to a point the amp is the biggest player regarding how your rig sounds.

answer the question or you are just wasting our time (at least my time).
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Guys go easy on him he's just a kid because most adults don't use the term "sick" (vomit) to describe something positive, now to the question at hand, firstly some amps don't take pedals well and sound woeful but if your amp likes pedals then i'd go Zoom G3 or G5