Well, a while ago, I started doing a bunch of music reviews in preparation for a music reviewing assignment for university, which has come and gone, and I did pretty darn well. Prior to that, I was also advertising my services of the website Fiverr to up and coming musicians so that they could get some positive reviews to use for their music.

Now, one of those bands has since asked me whether or not I post these reviews to a blog or not, especially since it would be easier for a review of their band to be found if it's published online. I thought it was a damn good idea, so I decided to go about doing so.

My only problem is, how do I go about that? I already have a website set up (the one in my description - but adding another site would cost me about $30 extra a year), so I know the technical stuff like that. But what are the good free options out there?
Currently, I only know of Wordpress and to a lesser extent, Tumblr and Blogger, but if anyone knows any good blogging services, or idea about how I should go about setting this up, it would be awesome.

For the record, since there's always someone who asks, this blog is predominantly focused on music reviews; new and old.
Wordpress is really good, you can also get a plugin where you can integrate a myBB forum into it.
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blogspot. I run Moosick Revoos off it. Or Tumblr.
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